1. MVE Viewer only


Figure 1: MVE Viewer only configuration


·       Simple to configure

·       No need for MVE Video Server



·       No MVE recording support

·       Not scalable to multiple viewers (camera limit number of simultaneous connections)

·       Not scalable across network for remote viewing



1.     Right click on top left View Panel, select “New View”.

2.     Click on the view name created, select number of canvases and layout from the template. Optionally add a map by checking the top right box (Figure 2).





Figure 2: Create a View


3.     Right Click on top left Cameras Panel, select “New Camera->Internet Camera” or “USB Camera”

Figure 3: Add a camera



4.     Select Camera Type from Camera Dialog box; fill in user name and password. For ONVIF camera, click the search button to automatically find IP address.

Figure 4: MVE Viewer Internet Camera Dialog


5.     Similarly for USB Camera, select Device Name and Resolution from combo box. Use “Any” for the first USB Camera found in the system.

Figure 5: MVE Viewer USB Camera Dialog


6.     Drag and drop the camera name item from Cameras Tree to the main View to start the video.


7.     See MVE Viewer Manual Section 8.1 for PTZ Control